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I am running Office 2007 and Vista. Where do I find a command prompt? I
tried typing REGSVR32 SHIMGVW.DLL into the start find field and it found a
file of that name. I clicked on the file and got this message: "The module
'SHIMGVW.DLL' was loaded but the entry point DIIRegisterServer was not found.
Make sure that 'DSHIMGVW.DLL' is a valid DLL or OCX file and then try
again." I have no idea what this means, but I still can't autosize inserted
pictures. Did I use a command prompt or did I type the command into the
wrong field?

"bambiethree" wrote:

> Hi, Really glad it helped you out & that some one else has benefitted from tip.
> I wondered about this as well i.e. Feature being disabled unwittingly/
> unknowingly, and came up with some scenarios, I have a comined utility /
> software Ace Utilities, that I use regularly to clean up my computer of Junk
> Files + Dead or Lost registry entries & loads more but used mainly for these
> two problems, which windows creates in profussion. Although i have never
> had a problem with this Software before i am wondering if it may have taken a
> file or link out, but this is a long shot as it has always been completely
> safe over years of use, i have the bought version but it's available free or
> Trial 30 Days as well. Recently I have found it necessary to do System
> Restore for one reason or another & another possability of a Glich here,
> combined with all the MS Updates & security Fixes, we XP-er's have had to
> undergo in the last 7 months, possibly a glich somewhere here as well may be
> considered the cause???
> Thanks for your response So glad it all worked out for you.
> "Duopshebop" wrote:
> > Thanks a lot!!!! I typed that in the command Promt and it worked!!!! Its so
> > strange how something just stops working all of a sudden and you have no clue
> > why! I'm sure by me putting that back in, I will find that I have disabled
> > something else perhaps. I have XP Prof with SP2 installed. I still think
> > something in office 2007 disabled it. I have saved the fix so I can reuse it
> > if need be. Thanks again Bambithree!!!!!
> > "bambiethree" wrote:
> >
> > > I had a problem in Windows XP SP2 with R Click on Image & loss of Resize
> > > image Menu Fuction. Menu for resize would show & on selecting any of the
> > > various options had zero resuts, I reinstalled Powertoys Image resizer but
> > > nothing here as well untill I found this fix on the Web.
> > > Image Resizer -
> > > NOTE: MS-MVP Alex Nichol pointed out that Image Resizer may not work if you
> > > have disabled image preview in Windows XP. If you encounter this problem, the
> > > usual repair is to type the following from a command prompt: REGSVR32
> > > Copy & Past this to Notepad or simiiar and save it for future Reference,
> > > somehow my Image Preview had been disabled with complete loss of resizing
> > > images for e-mail use etc with R Click Menu Funtions here gone, This fixed
> > > it. There is also a Powertools / Powertoys Image Resizer Program you can
> > > find via web try this 1st & restart after Fix applied. I have just tested
> > > Image Resize Options out and I have also the function to R Click image &
> > > sellect - Send To - Mail Recipient & Wow I have the option to resize Picture
> > > or Sellected Pictures now as well.
> > > Good luck with it.
> > >
> > > "Duopshebop" wrote:
> > >
> > > > This is the first time I have emailed pictures since I upgraded to Outlook
> > > > 2007. The problem is I am no longer getting the menu as to what picture file
> > > > size I would like to send? It used to say (in Outlook 2002) , do you want to
> > > > send your pictures as small , medium or large files, or other options and you
> > > > could pick another option. Now, I am not getting any menu at all, so I had to
> > > > send all my pictures 1 by 1. (I didn't feel like going into my photo program
> > > > and reducing them individullay). Why am I not getting the send pictures size
> > > > option menu??? Thanks in advance!