From: Patty on
I don't have a DELL, I have a Nexlink, and I am getting the message you show
in #4, so I don't have Dell OMCI to uninstall. Any other ideas?

"shoeguys" wrote:

> Can anyone offer any help with the following error messages? I am using only
> a fraction of my HD and have plenty of memory.. this is a new system. Dell
> can (will) not help.. says it is a software issue. These messages popup
> mainly during startup and shutdown, although they do occur (less frequently)
> when the computer is on.
> Thank you!
> 1) Warning Event Notification:
> The total hard drive capacity in your system has decreased.
> This typically does NOT indicate a hardware failure.
> Contact your Help Desk if you did not personally change your system's
> hard-drive
> configuration or disable devices in System Setup.
> 2) wmiprvse.exe- Application Error
> The instruction at "0x0104e970" referenced memory at 0x00000000. The memory
> could not be
> "written"
> Click on OK to terminate the program
> Click on Cancel to debug the program
> DEP needs to close WMI (published by Microsoft) on startup
> When running and "waking up":
> ATI External Event Utility Module
> ATI External Event Utility Module has ecountered a problem and needs to
> close. We are sorry for inconvenience.
> 3) Warning event notification
> Disk free space has dropped below the minimum threshold. Free up space on
> your hard disk drive by:
> 1. Backing up your data to a tape backup, ZIP or network drive.
> 2. Delete unused files.
> If you are unsure which files are safe to move or delete, contact your Help
> Desk or consult your software manuals.
> 4) ATI Video Bios Poller: Ati2eVXX.exe-Application Error
> The instructions at 0x7C911639 referenced memory at 0x009a3005. The memory
> could not be read. Click OK to terminate the program. Click Cancel to debug
> the program.