From: J David Ellis on
many hours of web research by this network neophyte has failed to find any
mention of the following network file-share problem:

two xp sp2 computers (with latest updates, except sp3) are ethernet connected
through a zyxel prestige 334 router. call one "server" the other "client." the
server has four hard drives, two internal and two external. the latter are
ieee1394 daisy-chained.

the external drives, which are the problem, have security set to full control
for everyone. simple file sharing is disabled on both computers. computers have
identical account name and password. accounts are administrative type. firewall
and antivirus are disabled on both.

any attempt by the client to remove, add or alter a file or folder on the server
external drives yields an "access denied" message. however, client can change
security settings for the external drives. client has full control of server's
internal drives. if either of the server's external drives is moved to client,
connected to client via ieee1394, client has full control.

in summary, any external drive ieee1394 connected to server limits client
access; same drive connected to client gives client full control.

is this a problem with a setting in the server registry? if so, which one(s)?