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"mayayana" <mayayana(a)nospam.invalid> wrote in message
>> End is "NOW!"; anything scheduled but not
>> executed yet is possibly
>> cannon fodder,
> I like that metaphor. :)
> Everything seems to be getting cleaned up
> OK without End so I guess I'll just leave it
> out and assume that the button clicked has
> some lag in being able to unload. Thanks.

It seems that VB does some cleanup even after forms are unloaded. Perhaps it
does some cleanup after seeing WM_QUIT, or after the message loop is
terminated. Every GUI app or GUI thread has a message loop, including VB

In the loop, DispatchMessage() is the one that calls your WindowProc for
every message. Most of the time GUI apps are hanged in the call to
GetMessage(), and the loop only exits when all forms are loaded and WM_QUIT
is posted. This is basically how Windows apps work.

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