From: "Dallas" Jagged on
until i can get firefox working like i want, i went back to opera. now,
arbitrarily, on any tabbed site, when i open it, be it yahoo, or facebook,
each & every ico the cursor goes over, a blue line highlights said icon & it
leaves the site useless.

was using facebook earlier & all was fine. i went to check mail in yahoo &
bnack to f/b & then those lines show up! they resemble when you are cropping
something, only the lines are as big, or as small as an individual icon

for example, in yahoo mail, on the left are the various fo9lders; sent,
junk, trash, etc., & when the curosr crosses over, each open is highlighted
by itsel;f as are each lines of the mail & sender, all the ads, etc.

now sometimes these sites are fine & i dont do anything different. i try &
reload - no good. last time, it was fine in face book, i closed the browser
for another reason & upon reopening, now facebook started w/ this mess.

thanks for any/all

and i emailed opera support & for this one issue, it has been 3-4 days & a
lot of lookie loos in their support forum, but no help from their either.


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