From: luigi on

I've installed SBS2003 w/ exchange 2003.
I've patched w2k3 w/ sp1, exchange w/ sp2, share points w/ sp2 and w/ all
microsoft update contents.
I've configured record a and mx on panel of my isp provider.
I've created an user.
I've configured my router/firewall for smtp 25 port.
I've used smtpdiag and all is ok.

On the server, but I don't see sended email.
I've actived the "message verify" but the "message verify center" says me
"verify database not present on the server or the message not present on the
server.domain.local .......... ID c1032751..........". I will want, before
install outlook on the client, verify email traffic on the server.

One particolar: the msde icon tray visualizes the server and the service as
blank string. I 've the impression that msde is not started.

Help me please ?