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> pjp wrote:
>> Cross posted to "xp.general" as it seemed to be deleted immediately on
>> server (or so OE says).
>> Hardware hit from lightning so new hd and video card and start over.
>> All goes well with install using a slipstreamed XP-Pro SP3 disk but I
>> notice
>> it never asks for the Product Key during install yet it Activates itself
>> during one of the boots and I think little of it until ...
>> During the updates which followed (100+!!!) I notice Windows Defender
>> doesn't seem to run or leave itself installed. As it is running on my
>> laptop
>> figured I just download it.
>> When I run it, it wants to first do the Genuine Advantage bs which I let
>> it,
>> at which time it says "bogus". Ugh, guess got to somehow enter in the key
>> I'm looking at on the guaranteed genuine Compaq label still attached to
>> the
>> side of the case.
>> Thinking docs indicate straightforward, invalidte the "timer" in the
>> registry, do the Therefore do the "%systemroot%\system32\oobe\msoobe.exe
>> /a"
>> thingie and go to enter the key. It's not accepted! It's a XP Pro install
>> andI'm trying to enter a REAL XP key. What's the problem?
>> Haven't rebooted since then but willing to bet there'll be some bs when
>> it
>> needs to.
>> P.S. System Properties/ General tab shows blank lines and has since
>> install?
> Shenan Stanley wrote:
>> Was there something in there to answer?
>> Use this tool:
>> (Fix your product key problem.)
>> Of course that assumes you installed with the same edition of Windows
>> that is on the product key sticker on your "Compaq label"... A Windows
>> XP Professional installation would require a Windows XP Professional
>> product key.
>> Other advice:
>> Do not use "Windows Defender". If you insist on using a Microsoft based
>> product - go to "Microsoft Security Essentials" at least - but I suggest
>> not using either, get and use Avira AntiVir (free) or eSet NOD32 (at a
>> cost) <- just simple, good antivirus solutions with small footprints and
>> excellent records.
> pjp wrote:
>> It appears you also must know beforehand if it's an OEN or VLK Pro disk.
> Yours (product key) is an OEM. Sticker on the side of a machine...
> Use the tool, enter the key you have on the sticker, should work out okay.

The ChangeVBS script, the Activation Wizard and MGDiag all refuse to change
Haven't bothered calling back from last call where they had me download and
run it.
I got a feeling it more or less can't be done and it's start over so I'll
just finish this
download going on for a bit (15 gigs) and decide then.

I'm expecting some hassle next reboot and if it's a pain I'll just reboot
again with what
I think is proper cd knowing if it don't ask for Product Number try another
cd :)

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> Cross posted to "xp.general" as it seemed to be deleted immediately on
> server (or so OE says).

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