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If you want to remove these because of a space issue that can be done,
otherwise I would leave them alone. A alternative is to put them on a
backup disk (either DVD or a secondary hard drive) . If you use the
alternative, be aware that each time you update you will get more of these
and have to add them to where ever you saved them.

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> Safe is a relative term.
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> news:B4B9A22C-FF76-4226-B7F5-DBC21863789C(a)
> : is it safe to delete $NtUninstallKB....$ folders?

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mjurado wrote:
> is it safe to delete $NtUninstallKB....$ folders?

The one thing to keep in mind is that there are Registry entries and a
few misc. files that are tied to each hotfix/update. Deleting the
$NTUninstallKB folders will leave these associated entries/files as
orphans. Therefore you might consider a tool designed specifically to
handle this task, such as 'Update Cleanup'



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