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is it safe to delete $NtUninstallKB....$ folders?
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"mjurado" wrote:

> is it safe to delete $NtUninstallKB....$ folders?

It is safe, but these uninstallers for the KBs are merely your problem or
the HDD/CPU usage hogs.
Did you cleaned up other unwanted Applications/Programs to gain Space on
your HDD?

The downside of removing/deleting these unisntallers folder, you will not
be able to uninstall any updates/hotfixes from your computer.



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mjurado wrote:

> is it safe to delete $NtUninstallKB....$ folders?
From: Bruce Chambers on
mjurado wrote:
> is it safe to delete $NtUninstallKB....$ folders?

If you're referring to the numerous "$NtUninstall...." folders
within your C:\Windows directory and are confident that you won't need
to uninstall either the most recent service pack or any of the
subsequent hot-fixes, you can safely delete those folders. You should
then be able to open the Control Panel's Add/Remove Programs applet and
select each of the pertinent removal choices, in turn. You should get
an error message stating that the removal files are missing, and asking
if you'd like to delete the menu option.


Bruce Chambers

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Safe is a relative term.

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: is it safe to delete $NtUninstallKB....$ folders?