From: maximint on
Hi together, we're going to use only the switchboard of the Keithley 7700 which has an integrated Multimeter.Therefore, I need a functionality, only for switching single relais or a list of relais (set, reset), especiallyhave an access to the relais 24 and 25 as we going to connect an external measurement unit to"Card Input".The sample VI which is working well is fix connected to the internal Multimeter.Does anybody know a solution?Many Thanks, Thomas.

Keithley 27XX Single 27XX Single

From: Marc A on
Just to let you know, I use a Keithley 2700 with switching modules every day and I've been programming to use them with LabVIEW for a year now. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.
That said, the way you're switching channels in that example isn't what you want to do if you're just using the 7700 for its relays. Look at ke27xx Switch in the Action/Status palette. Using this VI gives you much greater control over which channels are open and closed. Use open and close multiple to change the states of specific relays without affecting others. This uses ROUT:MULT like you discovered is what you want. Running a scan closes certain channels and opens all others.
From: maximint on
Hi Marc,
to make my own vi costed me 1 day. Now its running well.
I didn't find the "ke27xx Switch" on the Keithley homepage.May be you can post it, if you want to.It attached my version.Thanks, Thomas.
From: Marc A on
I was referring to the LabVIEW drivers for the Keithley located at: <a href="" target="_blank"></a>
I thought that's what you were using in the original VI you posted. Take a look at these drivers if you don't have them, they are very easy to use and give you direct access to opening and closing switches.