From: ellery on
Il 11/06/2010 21.35, Denny Strauser ha scritto:
> Has anyone heard of the k-array Red Line speakers. I heard the KR400S
> system at a street fair in Albany last night.
> It sounded decent, but was not enough for an outdoor show, unless there
> is an SPL limit. And they needed to be raised off the ground, because
> the highs got absorbed by the people in the front.
> - Denny
these are very special kind of speakers designed mainly to be placed
where is no place for "regular" cabinets.
By a listening test, i should admit that the sound was surpisingly loud
and full for that small speakers.
The frequency reponse of the satellite is abviously limited on the low
end, due to the elements size, but not too much. With the sub there's
still the feel of a small hole around 200Hz. Not terrible at all if you
plan use it as club or bar system.
The system tend to produce a cilynder shaped sound area on the front the
mid-hi element, while the sub polar pattern is traditional for that kind
of vented enclosure. So it tend to be prone to loose basses over distance.
the processor use a "preset based" approach not giving the user the
ability to control individually each parameter from the unit. I think it
is possible with an attached pc (like KS4) to generate the presets. Then
you'll need to load that preset to make it operative, so you can't
listen what's happen on every parameter change.
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