From: Greg Kujawa on
Sorry. There's no need to order a CD or pay for anything. It's a free
download from their website. Type into
your web browser's Address window and you will be on your way to the latest

"msmnana" wrote:

> Greg while I appreciate the fact that you are way ahead of me on the "tech"
> stuff? upgrading isnt an option.. nothing happens when I click on the
> download.. it starts and freezes... so there you are and Iam not going
> anywhere with my msn... guess I will have to just give up chatting with my
> children.. Iam in my late 70's and have pretty much learned all this
> alone???? is there a disk available that microsoft can send me or I can buy?
> thanks Greg...
> nana of 8
> "Greg Kujawa" wrote:
> > This is due to security vulnerabilities present in MSN Messnger software.
> > There was an security update issued for this matter (KB890261). They are
> > forcing folks to upgrade to the latest version to alleviate making matters
> > worse. Just upgrade your Messnger apppliation like they are stating...
> >
> > "msmnana" wrote:
> >
> > > recently tired to sign on to instant messenger. and was told that i had to
> > > upgrade before I could sign in... Iam running the 6.2 and didnt think I
> > > needed to upgrade.. now I cant sign in at all.. help......
> > > --
> > > Marty Miller
> > > msmnana16(a)