From: Andrew Morton on
Valli wrote:
> What this "G20" represents?
> I am new to .net coding.

Start up Visual Studio and open the solution/project you're working on.
Click the cursor onto an occurrence of .ToString and press F1. Hopefully
your VS help will be helpful and open a page about "Double.ToString". Find
the overload for ToString(String) and on the resulting page it will mention
"numeric format string". Click that link and head for the "Standard numeric
format strings".

Then you'll also be able to see why I think using "R" might be better.



From: Armin Zingler on
Am 29.03.2010 10:16, schrieb Valli:
> I have a double variable
> Dim d as double. d gets values stored as 2010031266671939.0
> I need this value in string.
> If I use d.tostring(), it provides in E+ format. I need this double value in
> string without E+ format.
> If I use d.Tostring("#.0"), it rounds off the double value & provides as
> 2010031266671940.0.
> I need the value as such.
> Can anyone help me

Andrew already described how to find it. Here's the link (just for later
if you want to know where to look for; (almost) everything is described
in the manual)