From: Matt on
first, a little background...

i have a home network with one computer running xp MCE, the other
(laptop) xp pro. simple file sharing is turned off on both
computers. the MCE computer is acting as a VPN server that i use to
connect thru my linksys router, which has dyn dns installed and port
forwards to the MCE machine. i can connect to the vpn just fine
remotely...this is where the problems start (both vpn and locally).

i had a user created on the laptop (xp pro machine) that was the same
username as the file owner on the MCE computer. i remember when i
first opened the share on that machine, it asked for my username and
password, which i gave it. all was well and right with the world, and
i could successfully transfer files between computers...both when i
was on the local network and when i was connected thru VPN.

then, my user account on the laptop got corrupted somehow. i had to
create a new user account and transfer all my files over. it was at
this point that file sharing stopped working...i would always get an
access denied message when trying to even open the folder, let alone
transfer files.

to resolve this, i added Everyone as an allowed user on the MCE folder
that i'm trying to share. this works, HOWEVER it does not apply it to
any new files that are downloaded into that folder (unless i go in and
explicitly set it for the new files).

how can i make this work so that all files, including new ones that i
download into that folder are able to be shared? this is so
incredibly frustrating, i've been trying for months to get this to
work with no success...i finally just this week got it to at least let
me open the share by adding Everyone, but i need to have it inherit
the permissions to new files in the folder as well...
From: Matt on
anyone? please help me out here...
From: Matt on
On Jun 21, 12:15 am, Matt <crackers819...(a)> wrote:
> anyone?  please help me out here...

can an MVP out there help me out please?
From: John John - MVP on
Matt wrote:
> On Jun 21, 12:15 am, Matt <crackers819...(a)> wrote:
>> anyone? please help me out here...
> can an MVP out there help me out please?

Did you set the inheritance flag (in the Advanced Security settings)?