From: diana.davidson on

in Outlook 2007 how do I change the emails default margins?

for emails were using Memo Style

The default margins are 1.30cm

However when users print and holepunch, theres not enough room and it
hole punches over the text.

I know how to change manually, through the menu File, select
PageSetup, select Memo Style. The Page Setup:Memo Style dialog
displays. select tab Paper and enter Margins
Top, Bottom, Left, Right 2.54cm, click OK.

Its been mentioned the settings are stored in the file
C:\Documents and Settings\<UserName>\Application

The issue is we have roaming profiles. If a users profile is deleted.
Then the margins are reset to default 1.30cm again

Ive done some surfing and so far have found the manul fix - above.

I would like permanent solution.

Anyone know of a related registry setting that can be updated?

note: Ive seen other posts which mentions outlook printing is tied up
with IE print settings.
how would I change the IE print settings standarise and push out/
deploy to other pcs?

many thanks