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foxmore wrote:
>I have Win XP Home SP3, Windows Live OneCare and Update set on Automatic. It
>worked fine. However recently, every time I reboot Windows, a yellow shield
>icon appears in the notification area saying updates are available. There
>are four updates for MS .NET - KB 982524, KB 982168, KB 979909 and KB
>974417. I installed these updates "successfully" several times,
>nevertheless, they pop up again and again. I disabled the automatic update,
>but my WLOC got red...
>How to get reed of these updates?

don't simply hide updates.. that just leaves your system vulnerable, always
try to ge the updates properly installed

I just run into this problem and I check with microsoft:
the problem turned out to be a currupted/damaged .net framework component. it
required to uninstall the whole .net framework and then install it again.

this is what I was asked to do and what I did:

to uninstall the whole .net framework I was asked to use this tool

(*** make sure you select all versions****)

then I just dowloaded the .net framework with sp1 again from here:

after that I uninstalled manually the 3 updates I was having problems with
(KB982524, KB982168 and KB979909), then windows updates took care of the
remainder updates and I've believe my problem was resolved.

goodl luck!