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On Apr 27, 8:21 pm, Andreas Möller <andreas_moellerNOS...(a)>
> Hello,
>  > This shouldn't be the case, right? =-O
> No, but as I tried to explain Emu48 and the Saturnator do not always
> behave the same, especially if it comes to ML and the carry flag.
> @Ttim: Did you test that fix ? I changed that code area so that I do
> not rely on the carry flag there anymore and as you know, testing on a
> real HP 50G is extremly time consuming (that´s the reason why I want a
> JTAG interface ;-)
>  > The keyboard handling routine acts differently (double-presses)
>  > on the calculator, whereas on the emulator, the correct behavior
>  > happens (only one key press).
> Are you using your own keyboard routine or a built-in one ?
> The built-in routine of the 48 and the 50 are different IIRC, so if
> you rely on code that was original written for the 48 you might need
> some further adjustment for it. Remember that the 50G introduced some
> additional key handling features, like long hold shift.
> Maybe you could be a little bit more specific or even post the code,
> so that others can reproduce your problem.
> HTH,
> Andreas

I don't mind posting code, but even the little bits of Jazz that I'm
working on are still fairly large files. Would anyone be willing to
look at it?
From: Andreas Möller on

> Would anyone be willing to
> look at it?
If this is a debug4x project just zip and mail it to me so that I can
have a look at it.

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