From: Nick Del Vecchio on

> I don't get it... Is each user connecting to a different backend?  You can
> use the UNC path to the backend file to connect.  Why not store it in a
> custom property in the database?  Then the user cannot modify it unless he
> knows how...

I don't know how to store the path in the custom property in the
Any examples of how to do that would be appreciated.
From: Nick Del Vecchio on
Well, after looking into this further, I think I'd like to stick with
my original idea and have an ini file in the same folder as the front
end which contains the backend UNC path.
This way if I copy in a new FE, my startup code reads the .ini file,
connects the BE file and users never have to worry about the linked
table manager.
I've seen a lot of people talking about doing it this way, buy I
haven't seen any code that shows my how to do it.

Would someone care to share this information?