From: Andy Botterill on
Gradwell newsgroup seems to have thrown a wobbly. Overnight I got large
numbers of unread newsgroup articles. Thunderbird 3 coped with
reasonably well. If I rebuilt the index for each newsgroup some
semblance of normality was achieved.
Later on thunderbird just seemed to freeze. It was taking 100% of the
CPU. I killed off thunderbiard and re-ran it in safe mode. e-mail looks
ok. If I so much a click on the newsgroup comp.arch.fpga. The CPU goes
to 100% and stays like that.
Is there any way of checking validating each newsgroup file without
using thunderbiard? If I could remove all duplicate articles for each
newsgroup that would be great. After that can I just rebuild the indes
for each newsgroup.
I do have import/export software but I think that needs non safe mode.
Is this OK to use?
All suggestions gratefullt accepted.

e-mail is OK so far crosses fingers. Andy