From: mh_amri on
hi guyz,we have little office and want to make some regular thing machinary
here it is:
we sell stuffs(for example think us as a newspaper company) , we give
newspaper to our seller and then they return the amount of newspaper that
remains at the end of the week , and because every day have a special rate
for income its important to calculate the sell amount from beginning
for example i give 150,100,250,400 newspaper to the seller and at the end of
the week he claim 300 of them has been sold, it means he sold out(*) 150 in
first day , and 100 in 2nd day and 50 in 3rd day9(**), and must return 200
for 3rd day and 400 for the 4th day
for this purpos i made a query that collect data about the day and the
amount that we gave the seller, and designed a form that take the amount of
that the seller sold out(this amount is a number for a whole week, for
example 300 ) , the problem is calculating the sold amount for each day(see
from * to **) , because each day have a rate value that it has read from
another table and multiply by the amount that sold on that day
i mean i want to do generate a table like this:
[seller] [day] [give amount] [sold amount] [retun amount]
1 1 150 150 0
1 2 100 100 0
1 3 250 50 200
1 4 400 0

my problem is calculating the the [sold amount] , the weekly returned amount
has entered in a form (here is 300) i have to give 300 to access and generate
the [sold amount]
i used many ways, but because the calculation of each row need to access the
last row data all of that way failed
anyway , any comment will appreciate