From: Bernard on
Hi to Everyone,

I need to search old mails that I had received through StarOffice 5.1 and
StarOffice 5.2. The mail files had the extension '.sdm'. One cannot edit
them correctly with any text editor, StarOffice is needed for that.
Today, that I run under Debian Lenny, no longer deals with
mail. So, I made an attempt to re-install StarOffice 5.2 on to an old
computer on which I reinstalled RedHat 7.2, since I doubt if Soffice 5.2
would run on Lenny.

This being done, I don't know how to go any further. I could read my .sdm
files, but most of this old mail has not been storaged under sdm files,
and I remember having been able to recuperate ancient mails from a file
of that sort :


I have found several of such files in storaged volumes (CD and external
HD). But, so far, installing them in my new '/home/user/office52/store'
directory, did not lead to any success. One of this files is 53.4 MB, and
could hold the mails that I am searching.

Would anyone in here have some experience in recuperating old mail files
from StarOffice ?

About 3 years ago, I had asked a similar advice in a Staroffice or
openoffice mailing list, but I had obtained no useful reply.

Thanks in advance for your help