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> Now we are getting somewhere..............we are half way there. Is it
> possible to have my 'Committee file', (which I, like Deb, created), list the
> 'to' and 'from' emails, as before your tweak, in the date order without
> separating them?

Without separating them? I don't know what you're describing. In what way
are they separated? The Sent To view default is to sort by Sent date. And
what's a "Committee" file? Outlook doesn't present files in its views. It
presents messages or events or tasks or contacts or...
Brian Tillman [MVP-Outlook]

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Brian Tillman [MVP-Outlook] wrote:

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>> Add/remove whatever columns you want. Right-click on the header row and
>> select Field Chooser.
> What a round-about way to do what the OP wants. All they need to do is choose
> the correct "Sent To" view.

Assuming that pre-defined view is what they want. If all they want is to
add one column, how is selecting someone else's precept of a total view a
better solution?