From: Tony Johansson on

My question is why the command
caspol.exe -chggroup 1.2 Fulltrust did not give any effect.

Here is a description to what I have done
1. First of all I created a directory test under root C directory
2. Now I run this command caspol -ag 1 -url file:///C:/test/*
LocalIntranet -n LocalIntranetTest -exclusive on
to get LocalIntranet security policy on C:\test
3. When running an assembly in C:\test it gets LocalIntranet security
policy. This works perfect.
3. Now I run caspol.exe -listgroups to see what number the Intranet:
LocalIntranet has
4. I noticed it had 1.2
5. Now I run this command caspol.exe -chggroup 1.2 FullTrust
6. Now I thought that when I run my assembly in C:\ I would have FullTrust
but the security policy is still LocalIntranet. without the FullTrust

Now I can't understand this I changed the LocalIntranet to FullTrust but why
did not the directory C:\test get FullTrust ?

I assume that I have missed something here.