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Ross Milne wrote:

>> 1. What is the virus/malware status of the computer?
> Run MacAffee Anti Virus - No Virus's Reported
> Run Pandasof Online Virus Scanner - No viruses/spyware/malwear
> Reported Run Microsoft AniSpyware - spyware removed
>> 2. If the computer is clean, can you run msconfig in Safe Mode and do
>> clean-boot troubleshooting?
> Will try this next time I am at the computer.
>> 3. What changed between the time things worked and the time they
>> didn't?
> Nothing to my knowledge has been changed.

Since you say you found some malware with MSAS, also run Ad-aware and
Spybot Search & Destroy. They are free. Install the programs, update
them, and run scans in Safe Mode. All scans for malware should be run
in Safe Mode. After doing this, test to see if the smoni error is gone.
If so, you're done. If not, do clean-boot troubleshooting by running
msconfig in Safe Mode. - Spybot Search & Destroy - Ad-aware

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