From: Roy on
I tried something I read in another post, and the emails that have been
backing up in inetpub\mailroot\queue finally were delivered. My machine
still has a DNS problem, which I would like to fix, but I've found a

What allowed sending of emails to resume was trying the suggestion by Jun
Wan in the post "Still can't send Emails to MSN, AOL, Hotmail. etc." from the
microsoft.public.win32.programmer.messaging group.

I opened a command prompt and pinged the outgoing mail server: ping I then made the resulting IP address the Smart host for
the Default SMTP Virtual Server in Internet Services Manager (typed in "[IP

My program has been sending email using IMessage::Send for over a year
without a Smart host being configured. Any idea why a Smart host is
necessary now?

From: "WenJun Zhang[msft]" on

IIS smtp component is from Exchange which is not supported by IIS
team currently. So if your smtp issue cannot get resolved from the
newsgroup, I recommend you report it as an incident to our Customer
Support Service. This will be the effective way for you to get
advanced assistance. Also, since you are MSDN subscriber, you should
have already 2 free incident accounts. Here is link to CSS:;EN-US;PHONENUMBERS


Best regards,

WenJun Zhang
Microsoft Online Partner Support

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