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Hi, everyone:

I like to invite you all to test and give some feedback on my ruby
statistical package "statsample"

The home URL is:

and you can install it with

gem install statsample

Have descriptive and inferencial statistical tools, including Multiple,
Logit and Probit Regression, PCA, Factor Analysis, Tetrachoric and
Polychoric correlation.

I implement the algorithms according to my needs and time, so if you
need something, you ask and I try to implement it.

For example, to do a Multiple Regression Analysis you could do

require 'statsample'

a=samples.times.collect {rand}.to_scale
b=samples.times.collect {rand}.to_scale
c=samples.times.collect {rand}.to_scale
d=samples.times.collect {rand}.to_scale

puts lr.summary
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