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> Ken Fairfield wrote:
>> On Dec 9, 8:20 am, baf<b...(a)> wrote:
>>> Mark Morss wrote:
>>>> Is there some way to stop all the adverts on this board? The place is
>>>> pretty much useless the way it is.
>>> There are free and very low cost newsgroup feeds that do block the spam
>>> and work great. I use for $15/year.
>> I think we had this discussion earlier in the
>> year. The consensus was that if you use a "real"
>> news reader, and/or a good news feed, you can
>> avoid seeing the spam.
>> But like many, I'm constrained to use Google Groups
>> by my employer's firewall. :-(
> will accessing newsgroups via port 80 work? if so, maybe try this with a
> proper newsreader for a free and almost spamless feed:
> Servername:
> Port : 80

Works for me. Just signed up and this is my first post therefrom.


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