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Starting windows xp professsional sp3 we have been receiving svchost
application error at 0x0116164e referenced memory 0x666f6f48.
This error also shows up when opening windiws explorer and when typing a
site in IE7 address line.

Other symptoms - when opening my computer the svchost error shows up and
there is a laq before the mapped drives are displayed.

We tried:
1. scan for viruses = none found
2. unchecked automatic updates - rebooted and checked automatic
3. performed chkdsk - did not fix issue
4. safe mode still had this error

How can we trouble shoot and repair? Other than this error the computer
works well.

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From: Barry Schwarz on
On Thu, 13 May 2010 15:44:24 -0700, "The Real Truth MVP"
<trt(a)> wrote:

>Try my Svchosts Fix tool. Download it here

This is not the MVP site despite its fake logos.

The correct MVP site is

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