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Thanks Jonh and Erland to your replyes.
I will ignore the file. I rename the file last night and have a backup.
Don't have any errors on the apps and logs so for now it's solved


"Erland Sommarskog" wrote:

> CMC (CMC(a) writes:
> > I have to change my database files to another storage. I have a
> > C7B64FBD-9450-4DA7-9F09-1BAA4D69FA35.cer file that i don't know what it
> > is. I think it is related to temp_MS_AgentSigningCertificate_database
> > that i don't know either its porpose. Can anyone Help?
> >
> > I have all the files moved to the new location. Just need to know what
> > to do with the .cer.
> You can probably throw it away. There is no dependency from the database
> to the file. Most probably it have been created with BACKUP CERTIFICATE,
> possibly to copy it from one database to another. (There is no other
> way to do this.)
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