From: steveconst on

most grateful for any help...

I work for a company in which we have three distinct regions - europe,
asia, america. we have blanket notifications for three three regions in
which we have to send a chain of three e-mails to a unique group of
e-mail addresses for each region - a notification, update and

each region has a unique set of e-mail addresses to send this to. the
three lists are of around 200 addresses each. i have the e-mail lists
in unique text files, separated so that i can cut and paste from
notepad and dump the addresses straight into the 'bcc' field, and then
send. i have the templates set up for the e-mails, and just need to cut
and paste the addresses before sending.

my query is - is there some way to do this automatically, so that i can
keep the text file (or change it to some other source where i update the
e-mail addresses) updated with the addresses, but run a macro or
something that pulls the addresses and puts them straight in the bcc

as i have three separate e-mails to send out each time, i find it's
much easier to maintain one list of addresses per region rather than
having the addresses already in the bcc fields of the templates. ie. i
only have to update the one list of addresses in the text file, rather
than updating the notificaion, update and resolution templates with new

the issue is that the three global regions need to access these
templates to send - the templates are stored on our global intranet.

is there an easy solution for this? i hope i have written this in a
too-confusing manner...

thanks for any advice