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I can add a named shape "copywrite" to any slide and with these two modules..
any time i mouse over the afore mentioned shape I get the desired message.

Question 1: can i simply compile this as an addin to save me writing these
modules in each presentation?

Question 2: If so why won't it compile?

Im just aiming to have this addin and anytime i have any presentation running
with shape "copywrite" i get the message.

Thanks in advance for any thoughts.

Sub OnSlideShowPageChange(ByVal Wn As SlideShowWindow)

Dim CurSlideInd As Long
With ActivePresentation.SlideShowWindow.View
CurSlideInd = .Slide.SlideIndex
With ActivePresentation.Slides(CurSlideInd)
.Shapes("copywrite") = (ppMouseOver)
.Action = ppActionRunMacro
.Run = "mymessage"
.AnimateAction = True
End With
End Sub
Sub mymessage()
MsgBox "this is copywrite protected chaps"
End Sub

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