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>>>>>> The Natural Philosopher wrote:
>>>>>>> I think I dint make myself clear. With js I can fire an evfent
>>> ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
>>>>>>> handler., set any amount of post variables, and do a submit. I can
>>>>>>> even
>>> ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
>>>>>>> submit to a totally different target or spawn a popup window.
>>>>>>> With strict HTML one button=one vale,
>>>>>> No. The array of POST variables sent to the server includes all named
>>>>>> input elements in the form, regardless of how many submit buttons
>>>>>> there are.
>>>>> There is no "array of POST variables".
>>>> From the perspective of a server-side script, there certainly is (e.g.
>>>> $_POST in PHP).
>>>The perspective was not any server-side application here.
>> Actually, yes it was, since the OP was asking how to accomplish a task
>> *without* using javascript, and my discussion with him described in a
>> general way how to manage it using server-side scripting.
>You are wrong, read again. (I had already marked the important part, how
>could you miss it twice?)

No, you didn't mark the important part, and I didn't miss it. You did. The
important part is in this sentence from the first post in the thread, which
had already been trimmed out before these messages appeared:

"Now, if I posit 'javascript off' I must needs do it with straight URLS,
and only GET variables embedded in it to control server side behaviour."

*That* is the context in which I was replying: javascript off.