From: Kae on
Thanks for the quick reply...... how do you "reset the connection". Yes
surfing the net in a limited user account is the smart way to go and yes i do
have a admin account password protected but its a pain to have to switch back
and forth to enable/disable the network connection.

"Andrew E." wrote:

> Tap the F8 key on pc start-up,safe-mode,enter xp as administrator,reset
> the connection..Also,surfing the internet is wise with a limited
> account,however
> you should create an administrative account for privilages & other problems.
> "Kae" wrote:
> > Win XP, Dell deminision 8400, IE 8, Office 2003, Cable Internet...... I
> > have hardened my computer within the last few weeks and am now using a
> > limited user account when surfing the internet and for usual duties not
> > needing administrator priviledges .....i had previously made a shortcut for
> > my network connection (administrator account) and was able to enable/disable
> > my internet connection, which i usually disabled at night. But now that i am
> > using the limited account i can not longer enable/disable the connection
> > using the my question is how do i change this and permit
> > the limited user account to enable/disable the network connection by the
> > shortcut.
> >
> > Thanks in advance for any and all help with this matter.
> >
> > --
> > Kae
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