From: L.S. on
Wanted to thank you for your help.

Even though it was 'my bad' you gave me things to look at and remember IF
this happens again.
Seems usb conflicts are the first thing to check and if I'd found/remembered
the scanner running usb, this problem would have been fixed immediately.
Hopefully others will read this and look for such problems before offering
messing with Reg. and bios settings.

Have a great day.

"Paul" <nospam(a)> wrote in message news:hcvm2q$vg8$1(a)
> L.S. wrote:
>> Found it after running test.
>> Dumb me. I have a USB scanner plugged into pci usb card and that was
>> causing conflict.
>> I pulled tower away from wall and then noticed scanner was plugged into
>> card. My last scanner was not a usb so wasn't thinking and it was plugged
>> in right below where my Lan card is so didn't notice cable.
>> Once I unplugged scanner, inserted drive in front, it worked fine.
>> Have tested all 3 drives and they all work.
>> Not sure why this is working because all I've done is replug scanner into
>> the other port on the pci card, plugged drive's' in front slot and they
>> all work fine.
>> Why would plugging scanner into other slot on card make a difference?
>> If you want to beat me about the head and shoulders, go ahead.
> Maybe there is a problem with that particular port on the
> PCI USB card.
> Cards with NEC brand chips, have been known to blow out ports
> on a regular basis. But I'm not aware of any side effects from
> that, other than the port no longer works on the USB PCI card.
> There is one other device with known issues. That is the Intel
> ICH5 Southbridge chip. The ports on that can blow, and a lot of
> the time it seems to be ESD (static discharge) related. While it
> is claimed ICH4 has a problem like that too, I've never run into
> anyone having a problem with ICH4. But I've probably conversed
> with at least 20 people that have lost motherboards due to ICH5.
> And I also happen to own a board with ICH5, and I'm extra careful
> to not use the USB ports on it :-)
> This is what a failed ICH5 looks like. A little burn mark, over
> where the chip gets power for the USB ports. Since the chip
> typically does not have a heatsink on top of it, it allows
> the unlucky user to look at it.
> Paul

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