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>>>>>> A million thanks to Ulrich for his awesome cFileSearch class!!!
>> snip
>>>> what about the idea of a separate class to hold the values i want and
>>>> just pass that?
>>>> pros and cons anyone?
>>> I agree. Either pass multiple args, or a class that exposes them as
>>> properties. Types really have no place in the COM world.
>> So any 'best practice' principles to decide between the two?
>> multiple args/ vs class ?
>> Many thanks for your input!
>> mark
> Probably comes down to personal style, in most cases. For me, there's a
> tradeoff of complexity as the number of parameters increases. For just a
> few, the class seems like overkill. For many more than that, it's a
> blessing. (This is an internal interface, right? No binary compatibility
> issues?)
> The class method would be a bit more overhead, too, if speed is an issue.
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Thanks for the thoughts.
I realized I already had a little class i was using elsewhere so just added
a couple properties and passed that little guy.
Thanks to all for their input