From: childofthe1980s on
Has anyone out there ever created a SQL Reporting Services report where the
query that you based the report on needs to be used for multiple companies?
I know how to create an SSRS report and how to create a parameter for
"company", so that users can choose which company to print for when they run
the report. Truthfully, though, I have only done that for a different
Microsoft ERP application (i.e. not NAV).

Anyway, somoene told me that you need to place a variable in the query that
pulls the company name from whatever table in SQL that holds the NAV company
names. But, even if that's what you need to do in order to create this
parameter, how do you link this table to the tables that you have in your
query? My report is going to contain A/R data from multiple databases. So,
how can a table containing company names get linked to multiple A/R tables in
SQL for NAV?