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A good one! More than what would be answered here. See your elementary
school guidance counselor.

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If you read Edward Tufte and the late, great Richard Feynman, learning
PowerPoint is the worst possible start.

Run. Far. Fast.

But before you go ... why ask this question here?

PPT Frequently Asked Questions

PPTools add-ins for PowerPoint

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I also don't understand why you are asking here, but I'll give a serious
answer anyway (not that Steve's answer wasn't serious). In high school,
you will need as much math and science as possible. If your high school
offers Calculus and Physics that should be your goal. You will still
have to take those classes in college, but you will want the high school
background so you can understand the college level classes. Other than
that, you want as well-balanced an education as possible. You might also
want to explore some colleges you might attend to see what their
requirements are.

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