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Superman" <"the _man_of_steel wrote

> The hard disk light has been thrashing away for an hour or more and the PC is slow. It's like its doing a virus scan,
> except I don't have any set. Anyone know what it would be doing?

You can get that with more than one cause.

Is the led on continuously or does it pulse like it does with disk activity ?

It can be the hard drive going bad and the system retrying on bads.
Thats easy to prove using the Everest SMART report, post that here.

Could also be an infected system, try a virus scan.

> I hate it when the PC does things beyond our control!

Thats when you beat it to death with the largest waddy you can find.

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On Tue, 12 Jan 2010 11:43:09 +1100, tryspammingthis(a)

>There's quite a few there that are STR

Damn typo! That should be TSR (in caes you want to look it up)
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