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a couple things, I'm assuming that if you get the AMI start page perhaps the
settings for USB support and or PS2 support have been turned off, thus your
keyboard / mouse may not work. you might try this , if you know how to
reset the BIOS by opening the computer and moving the bios jumper I would
try that first. alternately you can try removing the CMOS/BIOS battery for a
short time with the computer unplugged. after the CMOS/BIOS settings have
been reset try powering up the computer and see if it passes the basic AMI
bios settings page ...

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> My friend's parents have asked me to "fix their computer"
> I think the only problem is: I need to re-install XP and drivers.
> The only problem with that is I cannot get to the boot menu. On start
> up, the screen goes blank and goes to the "megatrends" screen where it
> tells you the status of your HD and stuff. I tried ps2 and usb keyboards
> but i cannot get to the boot menu. Both keyboards I was using have led
> lights but they never turn on I checked connections and all were
> fastened properly.
> thanks for reading
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