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>> >Our software has a 1024x768 minimum, so 768x1024 is not good enough.
>> >So we need 1024 for both horizontal and vertical resolution for
>> >portrait mode.
>> >Do Tablets nowadays accommodate that?
>> >i know one Motion can have really high resolutions. �But most LCD
>> >panels max out corresponding to their physical size. �19in LCD does no
>> >more than 1280x1024. �Our 3 year old HP tc4400's can only do 1024x768
>> >max, no more. �Does the Tablet have to have a real video card to
>> >support higher resolutions?
>> Depends on the brand and model.
>> My 3yr old Toshiba M400 tablet does 1440x1050 (very high for a 12"
>> tablet). �A lot of the Lenovo tablets only do 1280x800. �New HPs are
>> wide-screen also @ 1280x800. �
>> Most new 12" tablets are at the 1280x800 resolution, WXGA, don't think
>> anyone is �producing any higher resolutions.
>> All tablets have "real" video cards, if they didn't you'd have no
>> video. Integrated video cards aren't the limit of your resolution, its
>> based on the screen they put on the tablet and that is most likely
>> driven by marketing. �What you gain with a discrete video card is
>> performance.
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>i have an LCD projector that is 1024x768 native, but can extrapolate
>to 1280x1024. Hoping for at least something like that provided in a
>device driver. Does your Toshiba do 1440x1050 natively or is it

I've never seen or heard of an LCD notebook/tablet screen that can run
at a higher resolution than the native resolution. AFAIK you cannot
run higher than the native resolution on an LCD screen (projectors
My Toshiba is native 1440x1050

Steve Jain, Virtual Machine MVP