From: Jonathan de Boyne Pollard on
>> My query is 'A tool that suggests
>> optimized logic for a piece of
>> code/module/function' .
> BTW: are your lines so short so your posts look like poetry?
Poetry? Xe is aiming for poetry here? All right. I choose ... erm ...
English haiku.

Making programs good
involves human programmers.
You pay them money.

I tried for a limerick, but I became stuck after "A poster to Usenet
named Karthik ...".

From: André Gillibert on
toby <toby(a)> wrote:
> On Jan 11, 3:07 pm, karthikbalaguru <karthikbalagur...(a)>
> wrote:
> > Hi,
> > There are certain editors that highlight
> > the syntax/color for datatypes/variables
> > or comments etc.
> >
> > Similarly,
> > Is there a tool for C language that
> > could suggest an optimized/alternate
> > programming logic for the function that
> > is written ?
> IMHO the most effective output it could make is: "Are you really sure
> the best tool for this task is C?"

That's called an "optimizer" and is built into any good C compiler...
It doesn't even need to suggest a change. It just does it
internally, without modifying the source code.

Cross-posting to 5 newsgroup is evil.
Follow-up to comp.lang.c.

André Gillibert