From: Bob Horton on

Just to close this thread off, I got an email from Centon today saying that
they have shipped two new sticks of memory to me. It appears, at least in
this case, that they have lived up to their warranty responsibility.

Bob Horton

From: pooeybear on
I have a similar issue but with the A8N-Sli Premium and again it was
working for over a year, I moved house and left alone for 4 months. I
powered up recently and no output to monitor, disks and cdrom do spin.
I narrowed this to the PS2 ports (for some reason) tried another
keyboard and it booted. Got to the windows login screen and logged
in. The machine froze - no keyboard or mouse input. I restarted and
the same post issue happened again. The keyboard lights wont flash
(as it does initially on post). I have a feeling the PS2 connectors
are damaged or on board. USB keyboard doesnt work either (might be
disabled). I cant remember my post settings and cant get in to
retry. I may have to source another m/board. I could try resetting
CMOS so may try this soon.

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