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On Jan 25, 9:15 am, Leythos <v...(a)nowhere.lan> wrote:
> I use Nero, have used it for a LONG time, bought the full suite, and run
> it on all of my computers (yes, licensed), and all of them are Intel
> based computers, I won't buy AMD. I have no problems with Nero doing
> anything on any of them, and I've not seen any conflicts.
> The problem might not be AMD itself, it could be the chipset used to
> support the AMD CPU by the MB vendor.
> Yes, in reality, they should have tested their APP with AMD systems,
> but, as most development is being done on the Intel Standard, it would
> stand to reason that the apps that work on Intel and fail on AMD are a
> result of poor implementation of the CPU/Chipset system on the MB.

I haven't bought the suite. I have used differing versions of the OEM
disks that came with my optical drives. When I upgraded the burner in
my Socket 478 workstation (fully patched Windows 2000) I could not get
the Nero 6 Suite to work. It would crash every time you run the
nero.exe (Nero Express) application. Downloading and installing the
updates fixed it.

Anyways I do see your point, and your last point especially is well

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"Leythos" <void(a)nowhere.lan> wrote in message
> In article <1169739948.968688.131140(a)>,
> jcbrown(a) says...
>> If you read some of those search results, you'll see that the problem
>> actually comes from Nero Burning ROM...
> But if Nero works on the Intel platform, is it really a Nero problem or
> a failure of the motherboard/chip vendor to make a fully compliant
> solution?
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I have used Nero for many, many years, on many generations of AMD
processors. I have used Nero on 32 bit and 64 bit versions of Windows. I
can state unequivocally that I have never once, in the years that I have
used Nero, had an issue with running it on an AMD processor.

I would argue that either the OP has an issue with the MB chipset, or
another driver that causes the issue.

The issue is most certainly *NOT* with the AMD processor.


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