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SC Tom;4976208 Wrote:
> The link goes to the graphics controller driver not the control panel.
> According to this website
>, the VGN-S260
> has
> the Intel chipset for the MB, and an ATI Mobility Radeon 9700/9200
> Graphics
> Controller. If yours is different, you'd probably have to enter the
> serial
> number or revision or something on your Sony support site. Before trying
> to
> install this again, be sure to go to Add/Remove Programs in Windows
> Control
> Panel and uninstall the current ATI driver.
> If you go to this site
> you can download the MB driver. The installation instructions are at
> the
> bottom of the page. They're pretty straight-forward on how to do it.
> As a side note, when replying to a post, leave the previous posts intact
> so
> that others can see the whole post. You're more likely to get more
> responses
> if they're all together and the reader doesn't have to go to previous
> posts
> to see what's already been tried/suggested.

Tried these installs multiple times without any luck. Anymore
suggestions guys? I wouldn't think I would be having this problem at all
if my recovery disk would install windows. For whatever reason, irt
won't. After running the recovery disk, it is like windows does'nt

P.S. Thanks for the heads up on the reply tip.

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