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I have implemented Micro$oft's Security Essentials, along with
MalwareByte's AntiMalware (Beta tester = registered) and WinPatrol (also
registered) for my defense.

These are the only three I rely on now for maintaining three Windows
7-based machines and one XP based machine.

I, too, have tried ESET in the past - and Norton, Symantec (both the older
SAV and the newer SEP), McAfee, Avira, AVG, Avast!, and a few others....

M$ has finally come out with a good free product.


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>>I didn't keep records of winners over time, but at a guess Kaspersky
>>F-Prot come to mind.
> After Kaspersky went from v3.0 to v3.5 it was in its heyday
> up until the defs were no longer available.
> F-Prot v3.16f was the last good thing Frisk did.

....and Secretariat out to stud, out to pasture, and now dead.

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From: "Dave Cohen" <user(a)>

| I'd gladly swap that one 'clip to close' ad for other annoyances in my life.
| I'll be getting a laptop soon with windows 7. No doubt this will come
| with the usual trial stuff which I'll remove. Question is should I stick
| with Avira or try the new MS stuff, and will that come as part of
| windows 7. Also, to what extent are this new systems better at avoiding
| attacks than winxp. I've never had a virus in years of computing.

Stick with Avira AntiVir

Multi-AV -