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In article <ec842d4a-75bd-47cc-8468-cd5e7221b81e(a)>, wardy <conor2000(a)> wrote:
>Advice needed please from all you experts out there.
>I have a decent background in sound engineering and live mic/desk
>setups, however I am no expert.
>I want to find the best way of installing a particular system in a
>public venue.
>I am installing a Technics amp with normal Stereo output (+- L and +-
>I have to send the audio thru the amp to 12 separate speakers across a
>sprawling venue.
>I have purchased a mono splitter and a stereo splitter.
>Firstly i tried the mono splitter so that each speaker would be mono.
>I tried to convert this stereo output from the amp to mono by
>combining the cables. firstly i tried to wire both the + outputs from
>the amp into the + of 1 speaker cable and both the - into the - of
>the cable. this however simply forced the amp to "click" off after a
>few seconds of sound so i presume it wasnt happy with the level of
>impedance of whatever.
>So a mono splitter is out.
>I am going to try the 6 way skytronic Stereo splitter next.
>I am going to run 2 cables from the amp to the splitter (for L & R)
>Then use the L and R channel from each of the 6 "rooms" on the
>splitter as a separate L or R speaker on either side of the room thus
>giving 12 speakers (6 L and 6 R).
>I havent set up a system where this many (12) speakers need to be run
>by 1 amp before so need your input please so i can learn as much as i
>can about running multiple speakers from 1 amp.
>Q - Does this sound like the best (and cheapest) solution?
>Q - Why did the amp click off when i was trying to join the stereo +
>and - outputs to make one mono + cable and one mono - cable?
>Q - anything you can teach me about wiring up Multiple speakers from 1
>amp using a speaker splitter from your own experience would be great.
>Looking forward to your advice.

To use what you have, wire up the stereo splitter, and push mono switch.
Or, wire up the mono splitter, with ONE channel, and push mono.
Its still a lot of speakers. What is the splitter ? Its got to be a box
of good size with many resistors inside, else you can't use just a
little adaptor plug. Like this................