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wardy wrote:
> Hi,
> Advice needed please from all you experts out there.
> I have a decent background in sound engineering and live mic/desk
> setups, however I am no expert.
> I want to find the best way of installing a particular system in a
> public venue.
> I am installing a Technics amp with normal Stereo output (+- L and +-
> R)
> I have to send the audio thru the amp to 12 separate speakers across a
> sprawling venue.
> I have purchased a mono splitter and a stereo splitter.
> Firstly i tried the mono splitter so that each speaker would be mono.
> I tried to convert this stereo output from the amp to mono by
> combining the cables. firstly i tried to wire both the + outputs from
> the amp into the + of 1 speaker cable and both the - into the - of
> the cable. this however simply forced the amp to "click" off after a
> few seconds of sound so i presume it wasnt happy with the level of
> impedance of whatever.
> So a mono splitter is out.
> I am going to try the 6 way skytronic Stereo splitter next.
> I am going to run 2 cables from the amp to the splitter (for L & R)
> Then use the L and R channel from each of the 6 "rooms" on the
> splitter as a separate L or R speaker on either side of the room thus
> giving 12 speakers (6 L and 6 R).
> I havent set up a system where this many (12) speakers need to be run
> by 1 amp before so need your input please so i can learn as much as i
> can about running multiple speakers from 1 amp.
> Q - Does this sound like the best (and cheapest) solution?
> Q - Why did the amp click off when i was trying to join the stereo +
> and - outputs to make one mono + cable and one mono - cable?
> Q - anything you can teach me about wiring up Multiple speakers from 1
> amp using a speaker splitter from your own experience would be great.
> Looking forward to your advice.
> Thanks

Hack method:

get two 70 volt line transformers of a equal or slightly larger capacity
of your output power per channel and hook them up backward to the output
terminals of you amplifier to convert it to a 70 volt amp. Then use
speakers with 70 volt line transformers on them. You got a 50% chance
your amplifier might not like the load and blow, but your a gambling man
are you?

Hack method 2:
you find speakers with dual 25v/70volt transformers. You tap the 25V
taps so the combined impedance does not exceed the lowest rating of the
amplifier. 6 per side. Again, you have a 50% chance your amp may not
like the load and say bye.

Hack method 3:

you put on your rubber nose and glasses and go down to Radio Shack and
buy the best Micronta or such PA amp and speakers.

Right method:

Get a mono professional 70 volt line out amplifier and do it right.
Make sure your using the proper code rated wire to hook them up.

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Scott Dorsey wrote:
><snipped all butt...>
> Wow. I had no idea Phil was still around!

You know what? I missed him. Ever since the flaming wars embers died
down, the entertainment value of this NG has been lacking.

- Denny