From: ps56k on
I have 3 accounts at Ally Bank - 2 CD's and a MMA -
Using Quicken 2009 and lots of over accounts work just fine.

It appears that there is something different
with Ally depending upon how the Quicken account is created.

Scenario #1 -
Using the normal Add Account -
Quicken goes thru the normal steps
and creates the account, enables Web Express,
BUT there are blanances downloaded

Scenario #2 -
Using the Ally Bank download screen -
and letting Quicken then setup the account during the download
yields a slightly different setup using Web Connect.
BUT the balances are downloaded and correct.

SO -
With the Add Account -
you get the Web Express, but no balances.

With the manual Download -
you get the Web Connect, with balances.
If you then try to enable One Step for this account, you get back to
scenario #1.

I did just compare the accounts -
since we have 3 of each now -
The ones with Web EXpress and no balances
have a different set of account number/routing info
ie -
Web Express account has - account number = xxxxx1234 and "blank" routing =
no balances

Web Connect account has - account number = 89891234 and real routing number
= balances

"If everything seems to be going well,
you have obviously overlooked something." - Steven Wright