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On 6/22/2010 7:03 AM, Bob Villa wrote:
> On Jun 19, 7:52 am, Bob Villa<pheeh.z...(a)> wrote:
>> On Jun 18, 6:10 am, Bob Villa<pheeh.z...(a)> wrote:
>>> On Jun 17, 1:19 pm, kev12175<kev12175.4cq...(a)> wrote:
>>>> Hi Bob good luck but i really dont think you need to remove the screen
>>>> or the processor to replace this part . Maybe just the power panel the
>>>> keyboard and some base screws . Once the keyboard is off you will have a
>>>> better idea . If you need to remove the Bezel be gentle lifting the
>>>> middle bottom part between the 2 screws as there is an adheasive strip
>>>> running from left screw to the right one as i replaced a bezel today on
>>>> that model .
>>>> Thanks kevin
>>> Thanks Kevin, for getting back on this task
>>> bob.
>> My thoughts on removing/not removing display: damaging the display
>> (opened) when turned upside-down?
>> bob
> Thanks!
> bob

I have not yet had hands-on with the 1545, but if it is designed like
mots other Dell laptops, the disassembly sequence to get at the touchpad
is more or less:

remove battery!
remove bezel between keyboard and LCD (no screws)
remove keyboard (2 to 4 screws)
remove LCD screen, disconnecting video cable and wifi antenna cables,
removing up to 6 screws
remove palmrest with touchpad (lots of screws on bottom, and maybe a few
on top or in odd places)
remove palmrest
now detach touchpad from palmrest, usually 5 screws

The Lenovo/IBM touchpad is a separate piece, easily removed, but they
are the exception. Disassembly of most brands requires removal of
palmrest and LCD screen to get to the touchpad assembly. Most people
replace the single integrated palmrest-touchpad assembly.

The LCD assembly can be set aside somewhere, upside down to protect the
screen... Ben Myers