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> On 8 Nov, 07:05, Leon <leon...(a)> wrote:
>> I've just downloaded the latest Altera Web Edition software. I was
>> pleased to see that they have removed the requirement for a license
>> that has to be renewed every six months. NIOS II is provided free,
>> also.
>> Leon
> Sorry, it's actually the NIOS II IDE that is available. I don't think
> that the IP is free.
> Leon

The important thing, for me, is that Modelsim Altera-Edition has
*finally* been upgraded to a MODERN version (6.3g.)

Full end-to-end SYSTEMVERILOG in ALTERA tool-flow!
Simulation, RTL Synthesis, (basic) SV testbench.
(Advanced SV testbench still requires commercial license of
Questasim + Modelsim/SE)